Full Name
Jennifer Schaff
Job Title
Managing Director
Elder Research
Speaker Bio
Dr. Jennifer Schaff is a Managing Director at Elder Research enabling decision makers to realize high return from their analytics initiatives. Her technical expertise and two decades of management and business experience has led to successes across many industry sectors, including Consumer Goods, Energy, and Healthcare. Jennifer has learned that building a good model can be the easy part; it’s executing well on the business aspects – defining the right opportunity, delivering useful results, and guiding the change processes – that makes an analytics initiative truly transformative. Her passion is to guide organizations through all hazards to realize high analytics ROI.

Dr. Schaff began her analytics journey generating and exploring large biological data sets while earning a doctorate in Plant Pathology. Her appreciation for consulting came while leading and building NCSU’s genomics facility, where she helped professors and industry specialists design experiments to extract new knowledge from their data. Love for such challenges led Jennifer to complete the Master’s program at NCSU’s Institute for Advanced Analytics and join the expert team at Elder Research.
Speaking At
Analytics Study Panel
Jennifer Schaff