Building an Analytics Organization With a Value First Mindset
Date & Time
Thursday, May 4, 2023, 11:30 AM - 12:15 PM

The last few years have been all about developing solutions that fit the needs of a specific function or a set of markets. But times are changing. Organizational silos and locally optimal solutions result in loss of value. The need of the hour is to connect the dots between functions of RGM, brand management, supply chain and product innovation. 

The challenges in the business environment necessitates focus on:

  • Cost optimization and time to value
  • Balancing global scale and local precision
  • Embracing disruption through technologies like ChatGPT (generative AI)
  • Responsible growth with responsible AI

Given this, the consumer goods and retail leaders of today are faced with some significant questions:

  • How do we deliver on the promise of connected insights?
  • What opportunities do disruptive technologies provide and how do we make the most of them?
  • How do we realize value at scale in the context of a global organization?
  • How do we make all this happen while being responsible?

The session will discuss the learnings from the experiences of the last few years on what has worked and what has not. The session will also shed light on the elements that go into the design of an analytics organization with a Value First mindset, through real-life examples across customer execution, marketing, and supply chain.

Location Name
Walton South