What is Power Hour at Analytics Unite? 

The Power Hour is a unique, high-value benefit of your Analytics Unite attendance. This year, the Power Hour is bigger and better than ever, and held over drinks in a fun and casual environment.

During the Power Hour you’ll participate in five rapid-fire meetings with your peer Retail and Consumer Brands Business, Technology and Data Insights Executives.

We'll keep your conversations moving for an engaging and optimized networking experience, while tailored attendee profiles and the opportunity to prioritize your meeting partners ensures maximum value for all. 

It's a great way to quickly expand your connections and meet the diverse array of leaders who matter most to you. Read on to understand how the session works and how to participate. 

How it Works: 

  • The Power Hour will take place from 3:30 - 5:00 pm CT on Wednesday, May 1st during Analytics Unite. Exact time subject to change based on agenda revisions.
    • In April, we'll contact you to overview the session and invite you to complete your brief Power Hour profile on the Power Hour portal.
    • We’ll invite you back to the portal the week before Analytics Unite, once all participant profiles are complete, to browse participants and indicate your meeting preferences. 
    • AI will match you with relevant attendees based on complementary profiles, prioritized by each person's personal preferences.
    • You’ll enjoy five engaging conversations at the Power Hour!


This event is curated for Retail and Consumer Brands Businesses, Technology and Data Insights Executives. Only qualified Consumer Goods and Retail Executives are invited to attend.